Questions With Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell has been designing Jewellery since 2009. Her work has been featured in magazines like Frankie, Yen, and Marie Claire.  Naomi’s shop can be found at 5 Ebenezer Place, and is stocked with a collection of treasures.

So Naomi, How did you land into the jewellery making business? 

After originally completing a Bachelor of Visual Communications, I spent time in London, working retail for Levi’s and Urban Outfitters. I then worked for Tiff Manuell’s Happy House label in Adelaide for five years in product design. I happened to exhibit some wooden jewellery pieces at a fashion themed art show, which sold out and got me hooked on designing adornment. I saw an opportunity to develop the jewellery line further and design pieces that sat somewhere between art and fashion. I’m a designer rather than a maker, and I apply the same process no matter whether I’m designing jewellery, clothing or a logo.

I go for a certain simplicity, colour and graphic shape, always refining things down to their purest form of communication.

You could have easily had a flagship store in Melbourne, why was it important for you to be in Adelaide? 

After travelling and living abroad in my early twenties, I realised I was at my most creative in my home town. Although Adelaide has it’s limitations in terms of population, I knew I wanted to base my design label here and contribute to making the city a place I could enjoy living in and be proud of. Having built the label from the ground up in Adelaide, it was important to open our first store wherever we had the most loyal customer base and interest in our endeavour. I’ve always felt at home in the East End, it has great shopping and cafe culture, so it was the obvious choice for our flagship store location.

What aspects about the East End do you enjoy?

It’s everything, but mainly it’s the people, the traders and the community. The friendly faces and interesting characters with incredible personal style. The outfits we see on Ebenezer Place on your average Thursday arvo could rival the street style of any fashion capital! The proximity to the parklands is lovely, but so are the incredible food, coffee, bars, pub and specialty stores on offer. It’s a bit of a dream set up.

You have recently stocked brands like Kowtow and local artist Julie White, what prompted you to branch out to other brands?

Our job is to understand the women we design for and develop minimal, on point – yet irrepressibly fun jewellery and womenswear for them.

We know our customer really well, and we are in tune with what she likes. The NM girl is a fun lover who delights in the details. She mixes vintage and designer pieces with confidence, dances to her own playlists with abandon and appreciates quality in all things.

Knowing this, we recognised that by curating a thoughtful selection of fashion, accessory and beauty brands to sit alongside the Naomi Murrell lines, we are able to cater to the lifestyle of our customer base and position the store as a premium destination for specialty design goods.

Everything we select is hand picked, and I am extremely careful to only stock pieces I am personally smitten with, which helps maintain the unique style and store experience we are known for.

Talk us through your new collection?

Inspired by terrazzo, Matisse and Italian ristorante culture, our latest collection, Hungry Heart will leave your mouth watering for a Roman-tic Holiday and a slice of margherita pizza.

A chic neutral palette of bocconcini white, ice grey and olive black are accompanied by delicious pops of colour in persimmon, peony and the bold, multi coloured wonder that is the Terrazzo print. A playful nod to the paper cuts of Henri Matisse combined with a generous helping of pizzeria decor, the signature print is designed to work back with a standard winter wardrobe whilst embracing the sense of fun we enjoy in dressing for the warmer months.

A thoughtfully curated use of fabrics adds warmth and texture, without compromising on quality. The cosy merino jersey, wool cashmere blend coating and Italian viscose will keep you toasty, whilst contrasting beautifully with the elegant drape of rayon and silk crepe de chine for dressy occasions, or the crispness of cotton gingham and sturdy cotton drill for easy everyday wear.

With bow ties, frill neck collars, kimono-esque wrap necklines, smock sleeves, cross back detailing, gathering and pockets all on the menu, chances are you’ll want to order something to take away!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Walk, don’t run. And don’t forget to have fun. I’m always a little impatient to do the next big thing, and I think sometimes this drive means that I miss out on the enjoyment and celebration of each moment and milestone.

What designers do you draw inspiration from? 

I’m inspired by Picasso and Matisse, the offbeat cinema of Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson and in the fashion world I’m drawn to Stine Goya, Josep Font for Delpozo and Jesse Kamm. I also draw a lot of inspiration from vintage clothing and jewels.

Lastly what is your favourite new piece of Jewellery? 

I love the Starlight Thread Earrings!