New Space for Howling Owl and Urban Cow

Howling Owl and Urban Cow has moved to 10 Vaughn Place, the new space is absolutely phenomenal!

Owner Mick Kreig has always been a strong advocate for local SA artists and local talent. Find out what motivates this savvy business man.

What was the idea behind Howling Owl?

Howling Owl, was a spin off from our other two children, Urban Cow and Rhino Room. Urban Cow focuses on local visual artists, and Rhino room was established to promote local performing artists. Howling Owl was created to promote local food produce and wine with a specialty in Gin. In fact we were the first gin den in Adelaide!

So how did idea of the gin den begin?

At first we were toying up with the idea of a wine or coffee bar. My partner Rachel and I stumbled across the Lark Distillery, we immediately bonded with the owner John Lark. At the time John was one of the few gin makers in South Australia. John Lark truly is the god-father of gin, and has firmly established the boutique gin culture right here in SA. We had the idea to partner with him, and support other emerging South Australian Gin makers.

We also have a Green wall that really livens up Vaughn Place!

So tell me about the wonderful new space….

The larger space really bring a lot if elements and allows more opportunities for functions and events. We are all about supporting local talent, and we also want to provide the space to local grassroots organisations

We are all about supporting local groups and change makers who want to make a difference.

The bigger space allows us to have more arts based events with Urban Cow.  Bigger exhibitions, group shows and really focusing on South Australian talent. This space really allows both business of Urban Cow and Howling Owl to feed off each other. We are really excited about all the possibilities!

We are  delighted, that you are able to stay in the East End! What aspects of the East End do you enjoy?

There is so much happening in the East End that is really going to boost the area. The new tram stop will be great as we will attract more visitors to Rundle Street.

The East End has always felt like a second home to me. It has always been a bit of cultural hub and with the Fringe festival it really is a centre for the arts. I remember back in the day the East End Markets promoting local produce and artists, it always been a place for creatives.


What would you like too see in the next five years for Howling Owl and Urban Cow?

A space that supports South Australians, and to continue to showcase the local talent that this state has to offer. Artists, Creatives, Thinkers, Food Producers, Wine Makers, Gin Makers, this will be the space to do that.  I truly believe that South Australia has the best food and wine in Australia.