Midnight Spaghetti

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Midnight Spaghetti has just opened up in the East End!!

From indoor booth or bar seating, to alfresco aperitivos on the balcony, both settings will have you scanning the walls for forgotten framed celebrities, irreverent paraphernalia & more spaghetti that’s failed the stick test than you’ve ever seen. The soundtrack like the atmosphere will be moving faster than lightning.

The Sans Arc designed space (Pink Moon Saloon, Gondola Gondola, Whistle & Flute) welcomes guests into the care free restaurant which draws style from the 1981 Italian sex comedy it was aptly named for (Spaghetti a Mezzanotte). Each aspect amalgamating into quite simply, a really good looking pasta bar with no, no nonsense.

Principal Pan-Handler John Stamatakis states “You won’t believe its just water, eggs & flour mixed together once it hits your lips” as he explains some of the late night offerings moonlighting the menu with generous modern spins on homely classics. “Some things like the piano accordion, never get old”.

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What is the concept behind Midnight Spaghetti?

The concept behind Midnight Spaghetti was to create a relaxed environment that could reinvigorate the previously dormant space about the pub, showcasing some delicious modern takes on home style classic with a soundtrack &atmosphere to match.

Is Midnight Spaghetti separate to the Crown and Anchor? Or are they linked?

They are definitely linked. We want patrons to feel welcome in the venues where they are upstairs & downstairs! Midnight Spaghetti aims to fit into the pre established atmosphere of the pubs & that’s why are focusing heavily on Wednesday night being family night. With the long standing mid week culture. Whether your just swinging past for a drink checking out a band, of having a family meal. We can accommodate you at Midnight Spaghetti.

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How many different pastas do you serve? 

We serve the seven heavy hitters (spaghetti, lasagne, spaghettini, fettucini, baked ziti, chittara,  and zucchini.)

What can we expect to see in the future at Midnight Spaghetti?

You can expect good times, fast meals & great parties. Since we’re serving dinner until midnight & our bars open until the pub closes anything is possible & it’s just the beginning.

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