JP Media Moves Into The East End


What is JP Media all about?

 JP Media has always made a concerted effort to do things a little differently. We have always looked to bring a really creative edge to what are often quite corporate campaigns. In anything we do, whether its creating communication strategies, building apps or creating social media campaigns, we always try to take a step back and look at ideas that may push the boundaries and really stir up conversation.We have a great team with a lot of different skill sets but we always make sure that everyone has an opportunity to put their ideas forward no matter what the client or service.

You have some impressive clients! How did you obtain these clients?

Interesting question…I guess we must have said something right! But seriously I think again it just comes back to offering something a little different in the market place. Before we go and speak to any new client we really make sure we take the time to do our due diligence and have an idea of how we can potentially add value to their marketing and communication strategies. As you rack up more years running an agency, there is a temptation to feel like you will always be able to come up with great ideas on the spot but it is a dangerous false sense of security. We don’t ever go into a meeting without thoroughly discussing our approach beforehand.As the business has evolved and we have diversified our offering, we have continued to feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with some really iconic local and national brands. From Adelaide Fringe to Adelaide Central Market to Carlton Football Club, everyday is filled with unique challenges and different personalities.

What project are you most proud of?

 There are too many to count but representing the Adelaide Fringe for the past five years has been a great achievement. It is such a big machine and JP has been able to create a very unique working partnership with Fringe to ensure that no rock is left unturned in creating awareness for the festival locally, national and internationally.

What is the most challenging part of working in PR and communications?

 It can be really exhausting. We tend to wear multiple hats everyday – one moment you might be talking about superannuation trends with a client, next minute food and wine and then you might be writing copy for an engineering firm. Clients rightly expect you to be up and about at all times when representing their brand so coffee definitely becomes your best friend as there isn’t much room to have a bad day!



You also create apps! How long does it usually take to design one?

 It really all depends on the size and scope of the app. Some are more complex meaning they take months and months to complete while others can be turned around quite quickly. We are one of the few agencies in Adelaide that has all the developer skills to design and build apps in-house without having to contract out bits of the work. This is great as we have complete control of the build from inception to completion and clients are always able to talk to the people that are actually building the apps not simply an account manager.

What would you like to be in 5/10 years?

We would like to continue our growth both here and across state borders. It is really pleasing that interstate clients see the value of our work here in Adelaide and it is a tick of approval for us and other agencies that location shouldn’t be any hindrance to securing work on a national scale.We want to continue to have fun as a team and make sure that we never compromise on our values and working style simply to chase dollars. We would like to continue to grow but in a cautious and measured manner.

What aspects of the East End do you enjoy?

Since moving to the East End earlier this year we, as a team, couldn’t be happier. We love the vibe down this end of town and have so many options for food, drink and shopping. We always knew there was a large percentage of agencies working out of the East End and now we know why!

What would you like to see in this area?

 Probably more of a challenge for Adelaide in general rather than the East End specifically but more people! Around the Mad March period there is such a wonderful buzz around the East End and it rivals anywhere in the world in terms of hustle and bustle and quirkiness. But at other times of year it’s a lot quieter. More people moving into apartments and moving into the city should see this greatly improve over the coming years.