Jimmy Cochran East End Murals

Ophelia with me
What are the stories behind the two murals in the East End?

The owl painting in Vaughan Place was for the Howling Owl Cafe with support from Renewal SA. I painted an owl swooping down from the rooftop with an energetic background, using my common circle or sphere designs in the work. My friend Adam Tarns painted the door below with an organic wild style tree branch that connects to the mural.

For the second wall in Vardon Avenue, it was inspired by the story of Ophelia with the figure floating in the water. The wall is beneath an archway and passageway so I wanted to create a sense of movement in the mural or a state of transition as though the figure was floating through the passageway. The Botanic Gardens is just around the corner and so the water lilies in the mural that refer to this. I wanted to give the mural a dreamy quality with the elements dissipating or moving like reflections on water.

Owl piece with me
Have you met any of your famous subjects that you have painted? I.e David Bowie?
I have not met many of them and most of them are from the past such as Gaudi, Anne Frank, and Clarice Lispector. I did, however, get the confirmation recently from the management of David Bowie that he had seen my mural of him and liked it.

Owl piece with Adam2
What aspects of Adelaide do you enjoy? In particular the East End?
I love the proximity to everything such as the beaches, the wineries, and the hills. For the city life, there is a healthy cafe scene coming along with nice wine bars too. The East End has a good balance of these things along with a developing arts culture highlighted strongly during the festival season and with the colours of the new artworks being create

You’re a bit of an Adelaide legend… what advice would you give yourself in the earlier years?

Have patience and trust in the creative process. Breath deeply and enjoy it.

Opehila night shot