Exeter Mural



How did you feel painting such an iconic East End location? 

Painting the Exeter I definitely felt a lot of pressure. Most walls I have painted in the past have been either disused buildings or places I don’t go all that often, but the Exeter is an Adelaide institution. I go there most people I know go there, it’s iconic and it’s never had a mural. So I definitely felt the pressure, but it pushed me to do some things I haven’t done before in my mural work. So it was a really good challenge.



What was the inspiration behind the piece?

Well I have been using hands a lot in my work over the past year or two. For me they represent hard work and creativity. The mural was done partly to go along with an event run by Music SA and hands are a great crossover between visual art and music, they represent both. A lot of the other shapes reference the visual representation of music too, The Exeter is a big supporter of live music. I also have work as a screen print and collage artist, both those techniques involve playing with layers, shapes and colour so this definitely influences my mural practice too.



What advice would you give for aspiring artists?

Just keep making stuff. Don’t expect everything you do to be good when you are starting out. We have this mindset that creative practices are just a natural talent and if you’re not good straight away then we never will be. Sure some people are naturally good at things but most just work really hard.

You have also started a new podcast! Can you tell us about that?

Yeah I started a podcast recently, A Place Called, it’s a show where we share peoples personal stories in an attempt to find out what home means to us all. You can subscribe on your podcast app or check it out aplacecalled.com/episodes. Episode 1 is out now and I’ll be releasing a new story every month.



Where can we find more of your work?

I have more murals around Adelaide: The Ed Castle, Port Adelaide, Glanville Station, Marion Council band practice space in Edwardstown. You can also see a bunch of my art practice at jakeholmesart.com