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Midnight Spaghetti

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Midnight Spaghetti has just opened up in the East End!!

From indoor booth or bar seating, to alfresco aperitivos on the balcony, both settings will have you scanning the walls for forgotten framed celebrities, irreverent paraphernalia & more spaghetti that’s failed the stick test than you’ve ever seen. The soundtrack like the atmosphere will be moving faster than lightning.

The Sans Arc designed space (Pink Moon Saloon, Gondola Gondola, Whistle & Flute) welcomes guests into the care free restaurant which draws style from the 1981 Italian sex comedy it was aptly named for (Spaghetti a Mezzanotte). Each aspect amalgamating into quite simply, a really good looking pasta bar with no, no nonsense.

Principal Pan-Handler John Stamatakis states “You won’t believe its just water, eggs & flour mixed together once it hits your lips” as he explains some of the late night offerings moonlighting the menu with generous modern spins on homely classics. “Some things like the piano accordion, never get old”.

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What is the concept behind Midnight Spaghetti?

The concept behind Midnight Spaghetti was to create a relaxed environment that could reinvigorate the previously dormant space about the pub, showcasing some delicious modern takes on home style classic with a soundtrack &atmosphere to match.

Is Midnight Spaghetti separate to the Crown and Anchor? Or are they linked?

They are definitely linked. We want patrons to feel welcome in the venues where they are upstairs & downstairs! Midnight Spaghetti aims to fit into the pre established atmosphere of the pubs & that’s why are focusing heavily on Wednesday night being family night. With the long standing mid week culture. Whether your just swinging past for a drink checking out a band, of having a family meal. We can accommodate you at Midnight Spaghetti.

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How many different pastas do you serve? 

We serve the seven heavy hitters (spaghetti, lasagne, spaghettini, fettucini, baked ziti, chittara,  and zucchini.)

What can we expect to see in the future at Midnight Spaghetti?

You can expect good times, fast meals & great parties. Since we’re serving dinner until midnight & our bars open until the pub closes anything is possible & it’s just the beginning.

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Jimmy Cochran East End Murals

Ophelia with me
What are the stories behind the two murals in the East End?

The owl painting in Vaughan Place was for the Howling Owl Cafe with support from Renewal SA. I painted an owl swooping down from the rooftop with an energetic background, using my common circle or sphere designs in the work. My friend Adam Tarns painted the door below with an organic wild style tree branch that connects to the mural.

For the second wall in Vardon Avenue, it was inspired by the story of Ophelia with the figure floating in the water. The wall is beneath an archway and passageway so I wanted to create a sense of movement in the mural or a state of transition as though the figure was floating through the passageway. The Botanic Gardens is just around the corner and so the water lilies in the mural that refer to this. I wanted to give the mural a dreamy quality with the elements dissipating or moving like reflections on water.

Owl piece with me
Have you met any of your famous subjects that you have painted? I.e David Bowie?
I have not met many of them and most of them are from the past such as Gaudi, Anne Frank, and Clarice Lispector. I did, however, get the confirmation recently from the management of David Bowie that he had seen my mural of him and liked it.

Owl piece with Adam2
What aspects of Adelaide do you enjoy? In particular the East End?
I love the proximity to everything such as the beaches, the wineries, and the hills. For the city life, there is a healthy cafe scene coming along with nice wine bars too. The East End has a good balance of these things along with a developing arts culture highlighted strongly during the festival season and with the colours of the new artworks being create

You’re a bit of an Adelaide legend… what advice would you give yourself in the earlier years?

Have patience and trust in the creative process. Breath deeply and enjoy it.

Opehila night shot

East End Social

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Join the fashion set in Adelaide’s East End for an exciting new AFF event, and the Vogue Festival official wrap party.

Enjoy a day of cool tunes, cocktails, food and wine in one of the city’s premium fashion, bar and restaurant precincts.

A highlight will be a beautifully styled runway show featuring key trends from some of Australia’s best-loved fashion brands like sass & bide, Morrison, Harvey the Label, MJ Bale, Tigerlily, Naomi Murrell, Jack London, SABA, Sooki, Alannah Hill, Bauhaus, Metalicus, Tony Bianco and Leonard St. The finale will play tribute to Australian Fashion Labels who this year celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Runway styled by Nicola Lynch.

Event & runway produced by Gabrielle Leonello from littlelion PR.

Food and wine will be managed by Vardon Ave favourites, East End Cellars and Mother Vine.

Ticket price is $89 + GST & booking fee.

Ticket includes entertainment and food over 4 hours and two drinks on arrival.

The event runs from 1-5pm, Saturday 14 October 2017.


If interested you can purchase tickets here

JP Media Moves Into The East End


What is JP Media all about?

 JP Media has always made a concerted effort to do things a little differently. We have always looked to bring a really creative edge to what are often quite corporate campaigns. In anything we do, whether its creating communication strategies, building apps or creating social media campaigns, we always try to take a step back and look at ideas that may push the boundaries and really stir up conversation.We have a great team with a lot of different skill sets but we always make sure that everyone has an opportunity to put their ideas forward no matter what the client or service.

You have some impressive clients! How did you obtain these clients?

Interesting question…I guess we must have said something right! But seriously I think again it just comes back to offering something a little different in the market place. Before we go and speak to any new client we really make sure we take the time to do our due diligence and have an idea of how we can potentially add value to their marketing and communication strategies. As you rack up more years running an agency, there is a temptation to feel like you will always be able to come up with great ideas on the spot but it is a dangerous false sense of security. We don’t ever go into a meeting without thoroughly discussing our approach beforehand.As the business has evolved and we have diversified our offering, we have continued to feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with some really iconic local and national brands. From Adelaide Fringe to Adelaide Central Market to Carlton Football Club, everyday is filled with unique challenges and different personalities.

What project are you most proud of?

 There are too many to count but representing the Adelaide Fringe for the past five years has been a great achievement. It is such a big machine and JP has been able to create a very unique working partnership with Fringe to ensure that no rock is left unturned in creating awareness for the festival locally, national and internationally.

What is the most challenging part of working in PR and communications?

 It can be really exhausting. We tend to wear multiple hats everyday – one moment you might be talking about superannuation trends with a client, next minute food and wine and then you might be writing copy for an engineering firm. Clients rightly expect you to be up and about at all times when representing their brand so coffee definitely becomes your best friend as there isn’t much room to have a bad day!



You also create apps! How long does it usually take to design one?

 It really all depends on the size and scope of the app. Some are more complex meaning they take months and months to complete while others can be turned around quite quickly. We are one of the few agencies in Adelaide that has all the developer skills to design and build apps in-house without having to contract out bits of the work. This is great as we have complete control of the build from inception to completion and clients are always able to talk to the people that are actually building the apps not simply an account manager.

What would you like to be in 5/10 years?

We would like to continue our growth both here and across state borders. It is really pleasing that interstate clients see the value of our work here in Adelaide and it is a tick of approval for us and other agencies that location shouldn’t be any hindrance to securing work on a national scale.We want to continue to have fun as a team and make sure that we never compromise on our values and working style simply to chase dollars. We would like to continue to grow but in a cautious and measured manner.

What aspects of the East End do you enjoy?

Since moving to the East End earlier this year we, as a team, couldn’t be happier. We love the vibe down this end of town and have so many options for food, drink and shopping. We always knew there was a large percentage of agencies working out of the East End and now we know why!

What would you like to see in this area?

 Probably more of a challenge for Adelaide in general rather than the East End specifically but more people! Around the Mad March period there is such a wonderful buzz around the East End and it rivals anywhere in the world in terms of hustle and bustle and quirkiness. But at other times of year it’s a lot quieter. More people moving into apartments and moving into the city should see this greatly improve over the coming years.


Exeter Mural



How did you feel painting such an iconic East End location? 

Painting the Exeter I definitely felt a lot of pressure. Most walls I have painted in the past have been either disused buildings or places I don’t go all that often, but the Exeter is an Adelaide institution. I go there most people I know go there, it’s iconic and it’s never had a mural. So I definitely felt the pressure, but it pushed me to do some things I haven’t done before in my mural work. So it was a really good challenge.



What was the inspiration behind the piece?

Well I have been using hands a lot in my work over the past year or two. For me they represent hard work and creativity. The mural was done partly to go along with an event run by Music SA and hands are a great crossover between visual art and music, they represent both. A lot of the other shapes reference the visual representation of music too, The Exeter is a big supporter of live music. I also have work as a screen print and collage artist, both those techniques involve playing with layers, shapes and colour so this definitely influences my mural practice too.



What advice would you give for aspiring artists?

Just keep making stuff. Don’t expect everything you do to be good when you are starting out. We have this mindset that creative practices are just a natural talent and if you’re not good straight away then we never will be. Sure some people are naturally good at things but most just work really hard.

You have also started a new podcast! Can you tell us about that?

Yeah I started a podcast recently, A Place Called, it’s a show where we share peoples personal stories in an attempt to find out what home means to us all. You can subscribe on your podcast app or check it out Episode 1 is out now and I’ll be releasing a new story every month.



Where can we find more of your work?

I have more murals around Adelaide: The Ed Castle, Port Adelaide, Glanville Station, Marion Council band practice space in Edwardstown. You can also see a bunch of my art practice at

Questions With Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell has been designing Jewellery since 2009. Her work has been featured in magazines like Frankie, Yen, and Marie Claire.  Naomi’s shop can be found at 5 Ebenezer Place, and is stocked with a collection of treasures.

So Naomi, How did you land into the jewellery making business? 

After originally completing a Bachelor of Visual Communications, I spent time in London, working retail for Levi’s and Urban Outfitters. I then worked for Tiff Manuell’s Happy House label in Adelaide for five years in product design. I happened to exhibit some wooden jewellery pieces at a fashion themed art show, which sold out and got me hooked on designing adornment. I saw an opportunity to develop the jewellery line further and design pieces that sat somewhere between art and fashion. I’m a designer rather than a maker, and I apply the same process no matter whether I’m designing jewellery, clothing or a logo.

I go for a certain simplicity, colour and graphic shape, always refining things down to their purest form of communication.

You could have easily had a flagship store in Melbourne, why was it important for you to be in Adelaide? 

After travelling and living abroad in my early twenties, I realised I was at my most creative in my home town. Although Adelaide has it’s limitations in terms of population, I knew I wanted to base my design label here and contribute to making the city a place I could enjoy living in and be proud of. Having built the label from the ground up in Adelaide, it was important to open our first store wherever we had the most loyal customer base and interest in our endeavour. I’ve always felt at home in the East End, it has great shopping and cafe culture, so it was the obvious choice for our flagship store location.

What aspects about the East End do you enjoy?

It’s everything, but mainly it’s the people, the traders and the community. The friendly faces and interesting characters with incredible personal style. The outfits we see on Ebenezer Place on your average Thursday arvo could rival the street style of any fashion capital! The proximity to the parklands is lovely, but so are the incredible food, coffee, bars, pub and specialty stores on offer. It’s a bit of a dream set up.

You have recently stocked brands like Kowtow and local artist Julie White, what prompted you to branch out to other brands?

Our job is to understand the women we design for and develop minimal, on point – yet irrepressibly fun jewellery and womenswear for them.

We know our customer really well, and we are in tune with what she likes. The NM girl is a fun lover who delights in the details. She mixes vintage and designer pieces with confidence, dances to her own playlists with abandon and appreciates quality in all things.

Knowing this, we recognised that by curating a thoughtful selection of fashion, accessory and beauty brands to sit alongside the Naomi Murrell lines, we are able to cater to the lifestyle of our customer base and position the store as a premium destination for specialty design goods.

Everything we select is hand picked, and I am extremely careful to only stock pieces I am personally smitten with, which helps maintain the unique style and store experience we are known for.

Talk us through your new collection?

Inspired by terrazzo, Matisse and Italian ristorante culture, our latest collection, Hungry Heart will leave your mouth watering for a Roman-tic Holiday and a slice of margherita pizza.

A chic neutral palette of bocconcini white, ice grey and olive black are accompanied by delicious pops of colour in persimmon, peony and the bold, multi coloured wonder that is the Terrazzo print. A playful nod to the paper cuts of Henri Matisse combined with a generous helping of pizzeria decor, the signature print is designed to work back with a standard winter wardrobe whilst embracing the sense of fun we enjoy in dressing for the warmer months.

A thoughtfully curated use of fabrics adds warmth and texture, without compromising on quality. The cosy merino jersey, wool cashmere blend coating and Italian viscose will keep you toasty, whilst contrasting beautifully with the elegant drape of rayon and silk crepe de chine for dressy occasions, or the crispness of cotton gingham and sturdy cotton drill for easy everyday wear.

With bow ties, frill neck collars, kimono-esque wrap necklines, smock sleeves, cross back detailing, gathering and pockets all on the menu, chances are you’ll want to order something to take away!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Walk, don’t run. And don’t forget to have fun. I’m always a little impatient to do the next big thing, and I think sometimes this drive means that I miss out on the enjoyment and celebration of each moment and milestone.

What designers do you draw inspiration from? 

I’m inspired by Picasso and Matisse, the offbeat cinema of Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson and in the fashion world I’m drawn to Stine Goya, Josep Font for Delpozo and Jesse Kamm. I also draw a lot of inspiration from vintage clothing and jewels.

Lastly what is your favourite new piece of Jewellery? 

I love the Starlight Thread Earrings!


New Space for Howling Owl and Urban Cow

Howling Owl and Urban Cow has moved to 10 Vaughn Place, the new space is absolutely phenomenal!

Owner Mick Kreig has always been a strong advocate for local SA artists and local talent. Find out what motivates this savvy business man.

What was the idea behind Howling Owl?

Howling Owl, was a spin off from our other two children, Urban Cow and Rhino Room. Urban Cow focuses on local visual artists, and Rhino room was established to promote local performing artists. Howling Owl was created to promote local food produce and wine with a specialty in Gin. In fact we were the first gin den in Adelaide!

So how did idea of the gin den begin?

At first we were toying up with the idea of a wine or coffee bar. My partner Rachel and I stumbled across the Lark Distillery, we immediately bonded with the owner John Lark. At the time John was one of the few gin makers in South Australia. John Lark truly is the god-father of gin, and has firmly established the boutique gin culture right here in SA. We had the idea to partner with him, and support other emerging South Australian Gin makers.

We also have a Green wall that really livens up Vaughn Place!

So tell me about the wonderful new space….

The larger space really bring a lot if elements and allows more opportunities for functions and events. We are all about supporting local talent, and we also want to provide the space to local grassroots organisations

We are all about supporting local groups and change makers who want to make a difference.

The bigger space allows us to have more arts based events with Urban Cow.  Bigger exhibitions, group shows and really focusing on South Australian talent. This space really allows both business of Urban Cow and Howling Owl to feed off each other. We are really excited about all the possibilities!

We are  delighted, that you are able to stay in the East End! What aspects of the East End do you enjoy?

There is so much happening in the East End that is really going to boost the area. The new tram stop will be great as we will attract more visitors to Rundle Street.

The East End has always felt like a second home to me. It has always been a bit of cultural hub and with the Fringe festival it really is a centre for the arts. I remember back in the day the East End Markets promoting local produce and artists, it always been a place for creatives.


What would you like too see in the next five years for Howling Owl and Urban Cow?

A space that supports South Australians, and to continue to showcase the local talent that this state has to offer. Artists, Creatives, Thinkers, Food Producers, Wine Makers, Gin Makers, this will be the space to do that.  I truly believe that South Australia has the best food and wine in Australia.

State Budget Announcement of $50 Million to be allocated for the EastLINK Tram-line

This $50 million commitment to be announced in Thursday’s State Budget on 7th July, is very welcomed news! As our Lord Mayor Martin Haese said, the AdeLINK tram extension to the East End will underwrite the future development of the RAH site, support our local East End traders and provide greater city connections for residents, workers, students, tourists and visitors. Work will begin later this year.

Three new stops will be added in a one-kilometre extension of the city’s tram-line along North Terrace to the East End marking the beginning of EastLINK, which will eventually connect to Kent Town in the eastern suburbs.

For more information check out the news bulletins below:

InDaily News Story:

$50 million tramline to the East End

Channel 7 News Story: Story:

ABC News Story:


You are invited to East End Adelaide’s Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 6 July 2016
Where: The Elephant British Pub
When: 6pm for a 6:30 start
john_hanlon_web (1)
We will be joined by guest speaker John Hanlon, Chief Executive, Renewal SA who will provide an update on plans for the re-development of the old Royal Adelaide site.

Belinda Woite, DPTI Communications Manager, will also be providing an update on the O-Bahn City Access Project.

Lord Mayor, Martin Haese will also be presenting.

Please CLICK HERE to register. Alternatively email [email protected] and include the title: ‘registration for EEA AGM.’ Partners and business associates are welcome to attend.

Registration close Wednesday, 29 June, 2016.

The event will be catered, so please join us and enjoy some East End Adelaide hospitality. We look forward to seeing you there.